Having spent 34 years in the financial services industry, I decided the time was right for a complete career change and to go into business myself doing something I care passionately about. R&R Clearance and Salvage's main aim is to provide solutions to individuals and businesses who have a need to move or dispose of numerous or bulky items. We promise to do this in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.


For many years I’ve been concerned with aspects of how household items are disposed of in the UK. The amount placed into landfill is staggering (figures for 2012 show almost 21 million tonnes).  A proportion of these items could be given another life (repaired or up-cycled), could still be used by others and / or donated to charity. If beyond repair at least some of the materials could be recycled rather than being placed straight to landfill.


The system for disposing of bulky or numerous items (following a house clearance for example) has led to some disreputable firms cutting corners by fly-tipping. Not only is this illegal and a blot on our landscape, but someone employing another to dispose of waste has a duty to ensure it's done properly. Even though the waste may have been dumped by someone you employed, it is you who may be guilty of an offence and fined! 







House clearance / Man with Van Suffolk
House clearance / Man with Van Suffolk

I pride myself on giving excellent service to my clients. I'm registered with the Environment Agency as a carrier and dealer of controlled waste. You can be sure your items will be disposed of correctly and wherever possible given a new home, with the obvious benefits to our environment.

House clearance / Man with Van Suffolk

Please contact me to arrange a free quote or for more information.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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